The Ultimate Security and Storage Device | 125,000+ RACs sold.

The 5-inch Mutiple RAC to secure & lock up to 3 firearms including AR-15s.

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The RAC is a powerful safety device which can lock app. 97% of all guns (rifles, shotguns, handguns), crossbows, power and garden tools, power generators, lawn mowers, equipment, bicycles etc. to prevent the unauthorized use and theft giving owners assurance that their property is completely safe.

The Multiple RAC secures up to 3 firearms. Designed with a key-lock access, trigger post and a tamper-resistant mounting system, the RAC can be mounted to any structural surface. Each RAC includes three custom mounting plates increasing its storage applications and uses.

The RAC is the superior gun safety and storage device compared to e.g. cable locks, trigger locks and many safes.

Many firearm security devices are poorly designed and easily breached. Most safes and gun racks are bulky and not portable. The solution to sub-optimal security and storage is the RAC. The RAC has the security of a safe, while maintaining convenience and quick access.

Cable locks, trigger locks and safes often lack the wealth of features the RAC has to offer, e.g.:

  • highly secure
  • easy-to-open
  • preventing "snatch and run"
  • withstanding more than 2 tons of pressure
  • stationary
  • portable
  • can be mounted in vehicles
  • and attractive price point, considering the RAC can provide security for a lifetime.



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  • The Multiple RAC has a patented mounting system that sets it apart from other security and storage systems.
  • The RAC's patented, hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof and theft-proof.
  • The RAC is long lasting and extremely safe because it is constructed of T-6 aluminum and high carbon heat-treated steel.
  • Each RAC includes three custom mounting plates increasing its storage applications and uses. The three different plates are designed with pins specifically to secure a variety of firearms. One plate is designed without a pin for home, commercial, builders, engineers and for the above uses such as bicycles, machinery, equipment, tools etc.
  • The RAC weighs slightly more than 2.8 pounds. The accessories, 2 additional custom mounting plates, 2 large screws and 3 keys, weigh app. 0.89 pounds for a combined app. 3.76 pounds incl. the clamshell packaging.
  • The RAC withstands above 4,700 pounds of pressure.
  • The RAC can store firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns), crossbows, power and garden tools, power generators, machinery, equipment, lawn mowers, bicycles etc.
  • The RAC secures approximately 97% of all firearms.
  • The RAC is the ideal weapon-storage system for the military, police, and other government agencies. Law Enforcement can use this product to secure confiscated weapons. It serves as a valuable storage device in the field when firearm accountability is essential.
  • The RAC features a rubber-coated arm that swivels 360 degrees for access and a stationary locking post that passes through the trigger housing providing uncompromised security.
  • The RAC can be used in homes, businesses, vehicles, boats, planes etc.
  • In vehicles, the RAC can be installed either in the trunk or within the vehicle compartment.
  • The RAC keeps children and burglars from accessing your firearms.
  • The RAC can reduce your insurance premiums.
  • The RAC reduces your risk of negligence lawsuits.
  • The RAC is rubber-coated to protect items from scratches.
  • The RAC can be mounted to virtually any structural foundation, hidden or visible.
  • The RAC has over 1,600 key variations.
  • For purchasers of multiple RACs, use one key for all of your units or different keys for each one.
  • The Multiple RAC has a subtle design and can be used to display your firearm for others to see, while securing it for only you to take down.
  • The RAC is an easy to mount device that provides you with convenient access to your property.
  • The RAC includes 3 custom mounting plates for optimal use of different firearms and other items, 2 wood bolts, 2 washers, 3 keys and a clip (used in assembly).
  • The RAC is efficient and affordable, costing less than or the same as a pair of shoes, a handbag, a family dinner, a monthly car insurance premium, a monthly electricity bill, the family attendance to a sports event or concert, but secures your family's well-being perhaps for the next 50+ years.



            The State of California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms issued a California Firearms Safety Device Certification for the smaller 3-inch RAC when used with one of the most widely-used law enforcement pistols worldwide, the Glock 17 caliber, 9mm, 4.49”. The certification is based on a United States Test Laboratory (USTL) firearm safety device test which it passed. The test results indicate that the samples submitted met the requirements of the test specifications.



            You can donate RACs to e.g. gun safety organizations and churches in order that these can distribute them to low-income families with young children and teens.

            The benefit to U.S. corporations and U.S. residents is the tax voucher provided by the non-profit organization or faith based organization of your choice. Please consult your tax advisors for details since we cannot give any tax advice.