The Ultimate Security and Storage Device | 125,000+ RACs sold.

Hunting & Outdoor Sports



The Multiple RAC is the perfect anti-theft storage system for sportsmen and gun enthusiasts. For many years, they have found comfort in securing and storing their firearms on the RAC.

The RAC secures crossbows, bicycles and hunting rifles providing assurance to the 13.7+ million U.S. hunters and outdoor sportsmen that while they are outside and away from their cabins and vehicles, their additional firearms will be found secure when they return.

It is common for hunting trips to be made with multiple firearms. The RAC is the common-sense way to keep your weapons secure. By using the RAC in your cabin or vehicle, you can trust no unwanted access is possible.

Whether the RAC is used for securing firearms at home, at your lodge or in your vehicle, it offers many solutions to keep your firearms and outdoor sports equipment secured.

Strong and versatile, the RAC's tempered steel construction withstands app. 2.5 tons pressure, and the patented, hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof, and theft-proof.


Specifically Suited for Hunters:

  • The Multiple RAC prevents theft of your valuable firearm.
  • The Multiple RAC has a patented mounting system that sets it apart from other security and storage systems.
  • The Multiple RAC can mount to virtually any surface, hidden or visible.
  • The Multiple RAC has a subtle design and can be used to display your firearm for others to see, while securing it for only you to take down.