The Ultimate Security and Storage Device | 125,000+ RACs sold.

For your home, your business, your car, for trucks, boats and planes.

In Home & At Work



The RAC ensures that no one is allowed ready access to your firearm but you. It can be mounted inside a garage, in the closet behind clothes, on the wall next to your desk, or any other structural surface that you choose. The quick mounting feature allows you to mount the Multiple RAC in minutes. The installation includes the usage of mounting bolts, wood screws and a drill with a socket. Once mounted, the Multiple RAC is virtually impenetrable. Once your firearm is locked on the Multiple RAC you can rest assured that your firearm will be there when you return.

We all want our valuables to be stored properly when not in use. Feel comfort while your kids, teens and their friends are at home, you are hosting an event or during your absence and vacations. With the Multiple RAC system in your home, you can be assured that your valuables will not be accessed by your children, their friends, visitors or burglars. 

The Multiple RAC provides you with a secure way to store your tools, equipment and machinery.

  • Millions are lost each year at construction sites.
  • Safe transport of property in your vehicle if possible in your state.
  • Reduces the risk of losing your personal property to petty theft.
  • Reduce insurance premiums.
  • Keeping children from accessing firearms.
  • Reduces the risk of negligence lawsuits.


Specifically Suited for Your Needs

  • The product was designed to prevent unwanted access to firearms and can secure crossbows, dangerous power and garden tools. power generators, lawn mowers, bicycles and other equipment.
  • The RAC will prevent accidental discharge of firearms as well as preventing unwanted removal of your valuables.
  • The RAC has a patented mounting system that sets it apart from other security and storage systems.



In Vehicles


App. 1.8 million firearms were stolen between 2007-2016 (Source: FBI NCIC). These statistics demand a solution to keep firearms and other valuables secured and protected from the hands of criminals.

The Multiple RAC provides a solution for security inside your vehicle. Our system provides a better alternative to storing guns loose inside of a vehicle and is a deterrent to thieves, protecting firearms from easily getting into the wrong hands. All vehicles are not the same, so we recommend that you consult a professional installer familiar with vehicle structural surfaces. Please check your local state laws for carrying guns inside vehicles to ensure that you are in compliance.



 For Yachts and Planes