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Endorsements & Testimonials




Rep. Fred Durhal, Jr. – Michigan House of Representatives (Emeritus)

“This letter comes in strong endorsement of the RAC gunlock system. I believe that this device, if utilized, will significantly reduce the incidents of accidental deaths caused when people, especially children, find loaded weapons and start ‘examining’ them or even worse, playing with them.

The newspapers have been replete with such incidents. These tragedies are preventable and the RAC system ensures that.

This gunlock system has been endorsed by law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan and the United States.

I urge companies and non-profit organizations to purchase and sponsor the RAC gunlock system as gifts for police agencies to hand out to every person who has a gun.

I usually do not endorse individual products in the marketplace to others, but this is an exception. It is not about profiteering, it is about saving the lives of our people, our future leaders and our state and nation.

I strongly endorse the RAC gunlock system and hope you will too. Peace and Power.”




Scott M. Bruner - Police1 Product Editor and his "Storage device for sidearms keeps them safe and locked" incl. Michael T. Barrett, United States FBI (Retired) testimonial.


"Police departments looking for a solution to keeping their officers and firearms safe, protected and away from the hands of criminals and children, may want to check out the RAC: Anti-Theft Storage System. The RAC is a locking system designed to provide officers with immediate access to their sidearms, while making it impossible for perpetrators to get their hands on them.

The locking arm for the RAC swivels a full 36-degrees while the locking post passed through the trigger house. The RAC can handle most standard firearms including many Glock, Sig, and Smith & Wesson models, including the .357. It can withstand up to 4,300 pounds of pressure and boasts a patented, mounting set-up to prevent tampering. The RAC can be installed at the station or in a patrol car, within the trunk or glove compartment. ...

'Using the security key for the safety lock, I opened the device, inserted and locked down my personal Sig Sauer P220 ... The lock proved to be impenetrable ... The weapon was virtually inaccessible by an unauthorized user and totally inoperable,' Michael Barrett of the FBI said. 'Yet, utilizing the key for the security lock, in seconds I was able to unlock the device and have it available for use in the event of an emergency.'

In addition to securing issued weapons, the RAC can be used to secure confiscated firearms as well. ... while the FBI uses a 5-inch (RAC) to secure AR-15s and the Remington 870 in unmarked vehicles.

It has been tested by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and passed all of the commission's trigger and cable lock tests. It is also included in the list of approved firearm safety devices of the California Attorney General's office.

The device was originally designed for personal use and safety, invented after an innocent child was shot with an unsecured weapon. The device has quickly found its way into law enforcement and military applications, however, providing a singular means for keeping firearms out of the hands of perpetrators. It is now used in 13 law enforcement agencies including the Los Angeles and Detroit police departments. ... ."




Michael T. Barrett, United States FBI (Retired) - includes some duplicated quotes from above article

'I took the device home, followed the instructions and secured the device to wall stud in my furnace room. Using the security key for the safety lock, I opened the device, inserted and locked down my personal Sig Sauer P220. 

I was unable to remove the device. The lock proved to be impenetrable…  Yet, utilizing the key for the security lock, in seconds I was able to unlock the device and have it available for use in the event of an emergency.

For these reasons, and in the name of responsible handgun ownership, I wholeheartedly encourage the production and sale of the RAC.'




Country music star Craig Morgan, a former Sheriff’s deputy, called to endorse the RAC.

“The RAC is something that I am proud to put my name on.

As an avid outdoorsman, I love the peace of mind the RAC gives me in securing my weapon. Hunting in the woods, after the hunt, I know when I come back and I lock my weapon with my RAC no one is going to take my weapon. It’s extremely important as a firearm’s owner to be safety conscious, especially with the children. With these other lock systems, a child can still remove that weapon, take it somewhere and in time remove that lock system. With the RAC, they are not moving the weapon. I have the 5-inch model where I can secure my pistol, a rifle, multiple pistols. Great to have options.

One of the key things about the RAC that I love, is it’s very functional, extremely easy to install. My 16-year old boy can install it. But more importantly, it’s quick and easy to access. With my key, quick turn, pops right out and the weapon is in your hand.

Having been a police officer and still working with the Sheriff’s department, it’s also great to put it in my trunk, to lock my shotgun, my AR. As an officer, hunter, put it anywhere in your vehicle, lock up any weapon which you have.

There are other systems on the market, cable locks, trigger locks, and these are good to prevent the weapon from being fired. However, they do not prevent the weapon from being taken. The RAC secures the weapon to a location where only you can access it. And the RAC is a system that encompasses gun safety better than any lock on the market.

As a gun owner, theres nothing more important than safety. And being safety conscious. And having peace of mind. And the RAC can give you a peace of mind like no other system on the market.

Being a father, there is nothing more important than ensuring that no one, especially my children, can access my weapons without my approval. And one thing I can take confidence in, is no one will unlock them. With the RAC, they are locked up. Unless you take my car or my bus, you are not getting my weapon.”




Robert Valladon, President Oakland Police Officers’ Association, Oakland, CA

“The Oakland Police Officers’ Association (OPOA) Board of Directors were deeply impressed with your presentation concerning the new gun safety lock, “the rac”.

We appreciate the time you took to show us this new product that will without question make life safer in the homes of gun owners.

The OPOA unanimously endorses your product, “the rac”. The practical, helpful and highly safe product can only help.”




Dr. Joseph E. Thomas, Jr., Chief of Police City of Southfield, MI

“As a Law Enforcement Executive for over 33 years, I am concerned about the welfare of our community. We must come up with some solutions to reduce the accidental shooting of our children that is taking place across this country and continues to increase at an alarming rate.

After seeing the benefits of using the RAC, I endorse/support the RAC, a unique storing device that prevents the unauthorized use and theft of firearms. It is my hope that this device will decrease the crisis of firearm deaths in our country.“




Michael J. Lewis – Professional Engineer – Electrical Engineering

“I have been an engineer for 22 years in the automotive industry. I have in excess of fourteen intellectual properties in various fields of electronics which are used in a myriad of automotive technologies today. I understand what it takes to develop and manufacture a product and to bring to market successfully.

With the RAC, it is versatile, durable and a cost-effective means to secure firearms in many aspects of normal day living. I am glad to have purchased two RACs, not just because I like its technological design, but for personal reasons. I have had a Concealed Weapons Permit for several years in numerous states and have not had a secured device that has protected loved ones until I was introduced to the RAC.

Recently my truck was broken into with my weapon locked in a secured compartment. Unfortunately, the perpetrators are well aware of most vehicle stowing compartments and ideas. I was personal violated when my vehicle was broken into and my weapon vicariously removed from my possession. I am/was very upset to think that my weapon may be used in other crimes against citizens in my community with a direct fingerprint to myself which all who me was definitely not the intention.

In the future, my firearms will be secured with the RAC in my vehicle and in my home. With the advent of the RAC, this concept helps me to breathe a little easier and not allow myself to become a repeated violated offender. I highly endorse the RAC and its National Campaign to ‘Protect Children for Life’.“




Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Jordan of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in Hamtramck, Michigan


“As a Pastor, I am concerned about the welfare of our community, and the adverse action and reaction that is taking place as a result of unnecessary firearm deaths. In particular, the accidental shootings of children have risen at an alarming rate. For this reason, I endorse the RAC, a unique storage device that prevents the unauthorized use of firearms.”




Edwin H. Holmes and Sandra A. Fox

“As Co-Chairman of the Economics Development and Urban Banking Committee of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity, I am concerned about the well-being of our community.

Far too many killings have occurred in our community due to the unnecessary and unintended discharge of firearms. One accidental shooting is too many. Shootings in our community from firearms simply cannot be tolerated. In an effort to promote peace and harmony, The Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity supports all efforts to reduce violence.

Absent any studies, statistics, or other documentary information and based solely on the representations of the (RAC representatives), we offer the herein opinion of support for the RAC.

The RAC is a unique storage device that seeks to prevent the unauthorized use and discharge of firearms. While we cannot attest to the effectiveness of the device, or offer any guarantees, it is our hope that others might see what impact this can have in decreasing violence and protecting the lives of young children.

We encourage community stakeholders to lend support in helping to disseminate this product to the public. Our statement of support is offered as an opinion only.”




Ruben James

Five Stars. "Perfect gun lock. I have several of these."




Robert Tutko

Five Stars. "Love them !!! They work perfect."



Virginia Cooper

Five Stars"This is the greatest gun lock I have seen. It's a great feeling to know your guns are loaded AND safe. Recommend it highly.***** "

Amazing Security Group, Inc. warning: We urge our customers to not secure and store loaded guns with the RAC since unintentional discharges can lead to accidents and death.



Andrew F. Seelig


Four Stars. "Good for what it says it does". "It's a well-made product that, if mounted to a stud or other structural member does its job. Since it can hold handguns or long guns it is really a great product. It does come with 3 keys, which is nice. So, someone looking for basic common-sense responsibility."