The Ultimate Security and Storage Device. | 125,000+ RACs sold.


    The 5-inch Multiple RAC has many benefits to protect you, your family and your property:


      • The RAC has a patented mounting system that sets it apart from other security and storage systems.
      • The RAC's hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof and theft-proof.
      • The RAC is long lasting and extremely safe because it is constructed of T-6 aluminum and high carbon heat-treated steel.
      • Each RAC includes three custom mounting plates increasing its storage applications and uses. The three different plates are designed with pins specifically to secure a variety of firearms. One plate is designed without a pin for home, commercial, builders, engineers and for the above uses such as bicycles, machinery, equipment, tools etc.
      • The RAC weighs slightly more than 2.8 pounds. The accessories, 2 additional custom mounting plates, 2 large screws and 3 keys, weigh app. 0.89 pounds for a combined app. 3.76 pounds incl. the clamshell packaging.
      • The RAC withstands above 4,700 pounds of pressure.
      • The RAC secures and stores firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns), crossbows, power and garden tools, power generators, lawn mowers, machinery, equipment, motorbikes, bicycles etc.
        • The RAC is the ideal weapon-storage system for the military, police, and other government agencies. Law Enforcement can use this product to secure confiscated weapons. It serves as a valuable storage device in the field when firearm accountability is essential.
        • The RAC’s mounting capability inside of vehicles, makes it a mobile solution that prevents "smash and grab" opportunities for firearms left inside vehicles. 
        • The RAC features a rubber-coated arm that swivels 360 degrees for access and a stationary locking post that passes through the trigger housing providing uncompromised security.
        • The RAC can be used in homes, businesses, cars, trucks, boats and planes.
        • In vehicles, the RAC can be installed either in the trunk or within the vehicle compartment.
        • The RAC keeps children and burglars from accessing your firearms.
        • The RAC can reduce your insurance premiums.
        • The RAC reduces your risk of negligence lawsuits.
          • The RAC secures approximately 97% of all firearms.
          • The RAC is rubber-coated to protect items from scratches.
          • The RAC can be mounted to virtually any structural foundation, hidden or visible.
          • The RAC has over 1,600 key variations.
          • For purchasers of multiple RACs, use one key for all of your units or different keys for each one.
          • The Multiple RAC has a subtle design and can be used to display your firearm for others to see, while securing it for only you to take down.
          • The RAC is an easy to mount device that provides you with convenient access to your property.
          • The RAC includes 3 custom mounting plates for optimal use of different firearms and other items, 2 wood bolts, 2 washers, 3 keys and a clip (used in assembly).
          • The State of California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms issued a California Firearms Safety Device Certification for the smaller 3-inch RAC when used with one of the most widely-used law enforcement pistols worldwide, the Glock 17 caliber, 9mm, 4.49”. The certification is based on a United States Test Laboratory (USTL) firearm safety device test which it passed. The test results indicate that the samples submitted met the requirements of the test specifications.
          • The RAC is efficient and affordable, costing less than or the same as a hotel stay, a pair of shoes, a handbag, a family dinner, a monthly car insurance premium, a monthly electricity bill, the family attendance to a sports event or concert, but secures your family's well-being perhaps for the next 50+ years.