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Pregnant mom accidentally shot in the face by 4-year-old child in Skyway.

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Posted on February 13 2019

Pregnant mom accidentally shot in the face by 4-year-old child in Skyway.


By Tammy Mutasa | Sunday, February 3rd 2019

Scene where mom accidentally shot in neck by 4-year-old child in Skyway (KOMO Photo)


SKYWAY, Wa -- A mother is fighting for her life after a tragic shooting accident in Skyway.

King County Sheriff Deputies said a four-year-old boy accidentally shot his mother who is eight months pregnant.

It all unfolded at an apartment in the 12000 Block of 71st Avenue South.

Deputies say the 27-year-old mom was rushed to Harborview Medical Center after she was shot in the face area.

It's the kind of nightmare neighbors hate to think about after King County Sheriff deputies said a 4-year-old boy accidentally shot his pregnant mom while she was lying on the bed.

"We don't ever want to see something like this,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff Department.

"It's sad that that happened. It's crazy, it's crazy.,” said neighbor Treasure Nickles. "They are nice people. Their kids are always playing outside, they are always outside with their best friend. This is devastating, I pray his mom is ok."

Deputies said the toddler found the loaded gun between the bed's mattress and box spring, then somehow the gun went off:

"It was unsecured there and he grabbed it and before anybody knew what happened they heard a pop sound and the mom was shot,” said Abbott.

Deputies said the dad put the gun between the mattress because he was worried about recent crime in the neighborhood.

Investigators said the gun hadn't been secured at any other point and another child lived there.

"I think the hope going forward is that guns are locked up in people houses so something tragic like this doesn't happen,” said Abbott. “Because now this child is going to be affected forever and we're hoping and praying the mom is ok in this situation."

At the start of the New Year, a new state gun law went into effect. Part of “Initiative 1639” requires safe gun storage or gun owners could face a felony.

"I think the most important message here is make sure your gun is locked up,” said Abbott.

Deputies say the gun came back clear though it’s still unclear who the gun is registered to.

Major crimes detectives will be looking into the case on Monday to see if any charges will be filed.


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