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Two Wounded In Dan Ryan Expressway Shooting; Outbound Lanes Reopen

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Posted on August 28 2018

By Vi Nguyen | CBS Chicago August 27th, 2018

CHICAGO (CBS)  The outbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway were shut down for nearly six hours Monday morning, after two people were shot while driving near Garfield.

Police said a white GMC Arcadia was heading south in the Dan Ryan express lanes near Garfield around 1:15 a.m., when a black car pulled up alongside, and someone inside started shooting.

The GMC pulled over on the left shoulder under the Garfield overpass. Police said two driver and one passenger were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Three other passengers were not wounded.

The black car sped off south on the Dan Ryan after the shooting

The outbound express and local lanes were shut down between 43rd and Garfield as investigators searched for evidence. At least 39 yellow evidence markers dotted the expressway early Monday morning.

The outbound lanes reopened shortly after 7 a.m.

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