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The Trace February 13th, 2021 | "Every year, thieves steal around 380,000 guns in the U.S.".

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Posted on February 13 2021

The Trace February 13th, 2021    |    "Every year, thieves steal around 380,000 guns in the U.S.".


The Trace - February 13th, 2021:

"Every year, thieves steal around 380,000 guns in the U.S. As we’ve reported, the trend has steadily gotten worse over the last decade, fueling violent crime and forming the basis of nationwide trafficking networks."


You want to lock and secure your guns to protect your family and yourself from being harmed by thieves.

The 5-inch Multiple RAC is an innovative and highly convincing security and storage solution to prevent guns from being stolen, used against you and your family or accidentally being misused by children hurting themselves or others.  |  It is the ultimate anti-theft storage system securing up to 3 firearms including AR-15s designed to enhance the security and safe storage of firearms.  |  The RAC has a patented mounting system that sets it apart from other security and storage systems.  |  It has a hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof and theft-proof.  |  The RAC can lock app. 97% of all guns to prevent the unauthorized use and theft giving owners assurance that their personal property is completely safe.  |  It is long lasting and extremely safe because it is constructed of T-6 aluminum and high carbon heat-treated steel.  |  It withstands over 4,700 pounds of pressure and has over 1,600 key variations.  |  The RAC can be used in homes, businesses, cars, trucks, boats and planes.   |   Its mounting capability inside of vehicles, makes it a mobile solution that prevents "smash and grab" opportunities for firearms left inside vehicles.  |  The RAC prevents accidents, deaths and injuries.  |  It keeps children and burglars from accessing firearms.  |  The State of California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms issued a California Firearms Safety Device Certification for the smaller, sold-out 3-inch RAC when used with one of the most widely-used law enforcement pistols worldwide, the Glock 17 caliber, 9mm, 4.49”. The certification is based on the United States Test Laboratory (USTL) firearm safety device test which it passed.  |  The RAC has received the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Certification.


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