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‘The RAC’, the Silent Security Guard goes national at the ‘SHOT SHOW’ An Answer and Solution to Firearm Theft, Safety and Protection

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Posted on September 17 2018

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 13, 2013

Press to interview The RAC inventors at National Shot Show. Media also invited to attend the live Press Conference about the RAC, Tuesday, January 15th at 8:30 am PT in the media center at the 2013 NSSF SHOT Show at the Sands Convention Center, 201 Sands Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Amid the current national debate on firearms, a Detroit-area based company is taking what they hope will become the new minimal standard for firearm security to the largest gun industry expo in the world, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Shot Show in Las Vegas. Attendees from as far as Israel and Brazil, and as close as California and Texas, will have an opportunity to learn about, and potentially go home with, an invention called ‘the RAC’. ‘The RAC’ is a tested and reliable firearm storage and security device, designed to keep firearms inaccessible from theft and persons seeking to use stolen guns feloniously.

The owners of U.S. RAC, LLC have invented a product that offers tested durability over its competitors in that it is not easily defeated without a key and are excited to be one of approximately 1,600 exhibitors at the Shot Show this year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted a test of 32 firearm locks on the market, of which 30 could be defeated without a key. U.S. RAC simply asks, “Should this be the standard acceptable to secure firearms in the United States?” 'The RAC' has been tested and withstands up to 4,700 pounds of pull pressure, durability that is only rivaled by a safe. This product's unique value properties also includes mounting capability inside of a vehicle, making it a mobile solution that prevents "smash and grab" opportunities for firearms left inside vehicles. Given the "no carry zones" expressed in many state gun laws, the RAC provides a meaningful solution.

The U.S. RAC and its owners know that the standard for security needs to be raised to a level of serious protection. Americans no longer want to settle for a "marginal solution" for keeping legally purchased firearms out of the wrong hands. This is why only solid materials are used in the production of the RAC, such as heat treated carbon steel and T-6 aluminum. Thieves do not commonly come prepared to defeat such materials, nor do they typically invest the time. This is the type of bold solution that responsible firearm owners deserve to maintain custody of their firearms, thereby enhancing safety in their communities. 

'The RAC' has recently obtained "proof of concept" by selling its product to Remington, a major firearm manufacturer in 2012, a significant milestone for this small Michigan-based company. 

The RAC will be showcased at the 2013 NSSF Shot Show this week and will be chosen by many firearm owners seeking solid security for use inside their homes, businesses and vehicles. 


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